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About Us

PRC Computers provides a call-out / collect & repair computer service - which significantly reduces the costs necessary in maintaining a publicly available building.  By defining my service area to Wakefield and surrounding areas. I made the next logical step - keep it local, keep transport costs to a minimum, ensure low prices for customers plus the customer satisfaction gained through quick service.

PRC Computers can diagnose and repair all common computer issues on-site.
Connectivity problems, system crashes, virus issues, software problems, networking issues, hardware problems and peripheral connectivity (printers etc) problems. We can run software reinstalls, system reinstalls, system recovery and data backup. And we carry a range of diagnostic tools and hardware essential for remedying more serious issues like failed hard drives. Whatever your home or business computer issue, PRC Computers is here to make it go away.


PRC Computers know just how frustrating it can be for the whole family or business when "Computer says no”. Home and business computers aren’t just games machines or internet terminals, after all - they often contain a lot of important personal files and financial information, both for the family and (in many cases) for small home businesses.


PRC Computers can perform the same services for you that an IT department would for a large business - quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


When it’s imperative that your computer gets back online as soon as possible, give us a call. We won’t charge you for your consultation and may even be able to get you up and running again over the phone.


Don’t waste time tearing your hair out, and don’t (tempting though it may be) throw the thing out of the window.

Need Our Assistance? Give Us a Call Now!
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