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Screen Replacement

We can replace any screen from any make or model of laptop.


System Recovery / Reinstall

Windows frozen on a black screen? Seeing the blue screen of death? We can perform a data backup and recovery or re-install of windows.


Virus / Spyware Removal

Is your computer acting strange, performance is extremely slow and is holding you to ransom? Chances are you have a virus.


Data Backup From Crashed Systems

No boot device error, blue screen of death or taking ages to load programs? This could mean your hard drive is faulty. We can recover your precious data, and replace the hard drive with a new one.


System Clean-up

Is your computer extremely slow and taking forever to boot up and / or shut down?


Printer / Peripheral Problems

Are you having trouble getting your printer to work wirelessly, having networking issues or internet connectivity problems? We are here to help. 

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